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تصغير الخط
تصغير الخط
تصغير الخط
الوضع النهاري
الوضع النهاري
الوضع النهاري


Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department
The Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department that were operating on the road transport system, which existed at the time, was signed by the Public Security Department, and is associated with the commander of the Jordanian Arab Army. And it remained so until the year (1946) AD to the periodic and licensing.
This is your day and all the days of the homeland are your days
My brothers and sisters, retired military comrades and veterans, you have all the appreciation for your sacrifices, loyalty, and unwavering donations. Your support and the improvement of your conditions are at the core of our priorities and our core interest.

- His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein II



Achieving of His Majesty’s Abdullah II -may God protect him- vision towards excellence in government performance and transparency The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Department computerizes the information and simplifies its procedures and within a systematic and comprehensive plan to achieve a renaissance in the level of services provided to the people of this  dear country and the resources of mankind.

Based on the importance of spreading knowledge and keeping pace with the communications and information technology revolution, The Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department has sought to establish a website that provides information about the department, its duties, services and procedures. In addition, The Licensing Department seeks, under the direction of the Public Security Directorate, to provide the licensing service electronically all the time  the e-government project, we hope that it meets the desires and expectations of service recipients, citizens, foreigners, and investors, and that he maintains continuous communication with them to inform them of everything new in the areas and procedures of the administration’s work.