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تصغير الخط
تصغير الخط
تصغير الخط
الوضع النهاري
الوضع النهاري
الوضع النهاري


Main Services


Main Services of Licensing Department

  • First: In the field of Driver licensing
  1. Examining and evaluating  all driving license applicants types.
  2. Issuing and renewing driving license .
  3. Issuing temporary public license for non Jordanian.
  4. Replacing the Arabian and foreign licenses in accordance with the provisions of law.
  5. Monitor and oversight  divers training centers of the kingdom,  and making sure if they apply the regulations and instructions issued based on the Traffic Law.
  • Second: In the field of licensing vehicles
  1. Examining the imported vehicles, and making sure of its  roadworthiness, as well as  its compliance with the technical conditions and requirements provided for by the Traffic Law , regulations and instructions issued pursuant thereto before customs clearance.
  2. Registering all types and classes of vehicles, renewing its licenses annually, and issuing the licenses that are related to.
  3. Examining vehicles to ensure its legal and technical validity of the roadworthy.
  4. Conducting all judicial contracts of vehicles (transfer of ownership, mortgage, paying mortgage redemption, agencies and judicial undertakes.
  5. Executing court decisions and security authorities related to vehicle issues.
  • Third: In the field of traffic awareness

 Contribute  to reducing traffic accidents through the strategy of the Public Security Directorate for traffic awareness in cooperation with the authorities which  concerned with the traffic process.

  • Fourth: In the field of Environment

Contribute to preserving the environment by developing the work of technical inspection stations.

  • Fifth: In the field of participation

Participating the competent authorities in drafting traffic legislation.

  • Sixth: In the field of technical advice

Providing technical advice to official and non-official bodies regarding to vehicles.

  • Seventh: In the field of technical studies

Providing official authorities, researchers and students in universities with statistics related to the number of drivers and vehicles and any other statistics