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الوضع النهاري
الوضع النهاري
الوضع النهاري


Suggestions and complaints mechanism


Dear Citizen,

Your   suggestions and opinions enrich and help us to develop and enhance our services. For this purpose these mechanisms have established. If you have any suggestions or complaints we welcome them. Any suggestions or complaints will be dealt in all seriousness, transparency and with strict confidentiality.

  • The complaints and suggestions committee is the competent body for opening, studying and responding the complaints boxes.
  • The complaints will be informed about the actions had been taken via different communication channels according to the announced schedule for each mechanism.
  • Dear citizen, in the absence of response or unfair solution adopted by the committee (the competent body) you have the right to object through the compliant unit / ministry of public sector development



Certified Mechanisms:

You can submit your suggestion or complaints or  praise by the followingAnnounced schedule for response
Open door policy (face to face with the official)Direct
Call center (06-4891462)1 week
Email ( week
DVLD website ( week
Fax no: (4882083)1 week
National communication center
Phone no 06 ( 5008080)
1 week
Government complaints department system
1 week
Suggestions and complaints boxes1 week

Dear citizen, if you have any suggestions, ideas or complaints about the services that you wish to submit through the suggestions, complaints and boxes. Please do the following:

  • Go to the complaints and suggestions boxes.
  • Write the complaints or the suggestion in the prescribed form.
  • Fill all the form accurately and credibly and write the phone number.
  • Make sure to stamp the form from the services officer before putting it in the complaints box.