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الوضع النهاري
الوضع النهاري
الوضع النهاري


General Framework of the Customer Service Charter


“The government also has a vital role in enhancing the level of public services it provides, consolidating the institutionalization of public work, enriching government policies and guaranteeing their stability according to a clear vision and a specific working plan that tackles various challenges.” – His Majesty King Abdullah II BIN AL-Hussein, Letter of Designation for the Government, 9/3/2013

The Obligations of Services Provider:

  • Treat with service applicant with respect, care and accuracy.
  • Provide cooperation team familiar with the procedures of service providing.
  • Answer all the inquiries, provide the service requirements and announce the required time to implement it.
  • Respond the service recipient on time without delay, address their needs professionally.
  • Simplify the procedure to ensure providing quick service.
  • Ongoing actions to provide services via appropriate channel in a timely manner.
  • Provide means of communication to receive the suggestions and the complaints of service recipient and ensure his involvement in services development.

The Obligations of Service Recipient:

  • Treat with the management personnel with mutual respect.
  • Comply with instructions related to service providing and where they provided and not exceed the rights of others.
  • Provide all the required documents to get the service.
  • Answer the personnel’ inquiries to ensure getting the services professionally on required time.
  • Notify as soon as possible in case of errors or amendment at the data or conditions related to completion of service.
  • Adhere to the announced communication means in case ther is a complaint or inquiry.