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Modifications on Driver Training Centers

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Amended instructions for the instructions of training centers for the year 2020
Article 1 – These instructions are called (Amended Instructions for the Instructions of Driving Training Centers for the year 2020) and they are read with the instructions of the Driving Training Centers for the year 2019 and the amendments that have occurred to them, and referred to below as the original instructions are single instructions and are effective from the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.
Article 2 – Article 8 of the original instructions is amended by adding paragraph (d) to it with the following text: d. Equipping the training vehicle with an electronic monitoring system whose specifications are determined by the Licensing Department.
Article 3 – Amending paragraph (b) of Article (13) by adding the phrase (and passing a specialized course at the Jordan Traffic Institute for vehicle driving training for the first, fifth and sixth categories) after the phrase (from the valid Driving Training Centers Licensing System) contained therein.
Article 4 – Amending paragraph (b) of Article (14) of the original instructions by deleting the phrase (three years) contained therein and replacing it with the phrase (two years).