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تصغير الخط
تصغير الخط
تصغير الخط
الوضع النهاري
الوضع النهاري
الوضع النهاري


Technical inspection and clearance of vehicles procedures – Amman Customs


Customs clearance of vehicles is taken its place at Amman Customs centre that are imported from the origin to the approved agents, and during that the vehicles are examined by the Joint Technical Committee (the Jordanian Customs Committee and the Licensing Committee). There are procedures and documents related to the vehicle that must be shown when inspecting the vehicle before the joint committee, namely:

  1. Supporting documents for class agents ( who import vehicles from manufacturing companies)
  2. Transfer statement from Aqaba Customs to Amman Customs or Zarqa Free Zone.
  3. Certificate of origin with vehicle numbers, complete with chassis numbers, engine numbers + models + add-ons – with an individual bill for each vehicle and a total bill.
  4. A delivery permit from Aqaba Customs to Amman Customs or Zarqa Free Zone.
  5. Delivering vehicles with the private bond for companies or bank bonds, such as the Islamic bank bond . Bonded bank is a special place belonging to a specific entity that holds a special license from the Customs Department to store the vehicles linked with financial guarantees and a special mechanism to proceed with the customs clearance procedures in that place.
  6. In the case of Opening the bonded deposit data, An inspection form should be organized by Amman Customs Committee and a member of the Licensing Committee so that vehicles are inspected and making sure that they comply with Traffic Law and the instructions issued pursuant to it, whether in the bonded or the customs yard of Amman Customs Center. The technical specifications of the vehicle, such as its type, model and class of the vehicle, the chassis number and the engine, are verified, the total weights, load and dimensions of freight vehicles are determined, and they are in compliance with the applicable dimensional system, all vehicle specifications and additions to them through the manufacturer’s specifications installed in the catalog and the reality of the vehicle.
  7. After completing the inspection and making sure that it is not in violation of the terms of the license, the request is made according to a summons by the company and an official authorization by the agent of the class to receive inspection forms for the first time with the numbers of the inspected vehicles.
  8. A customs declaration is issued for the vehicles, where the customs declaration is sealed with the stamp of clarification .This seal is by the customs and that means it has been clarified and made sure of the validity of the procedures that carried out at all stages that the customs declaration went through, as well as the seal of the clearance company.
  9. Bringing the customs declaration and the financial receipt proving payment of customs duties and the initial inspection form issued by the Joint Technical Committee and the first technical examination form issued by the Technical Committee (licensing), then the customs declaration is audited with the inspection form and the examination form, provided that the information and specifications contained in the form are matched.
    After that, the technical examination form is signed by a member and head of the committee and stamped behind the customs declaration with the seal of Amman Customs Licensing Committee, and then it goes to the Amman Customs Licensing Branch in order to get the seal of the branch or finish the licensing procedures.
  10. There are some vehicles sold by auction at Amman Customs and they are dealt with as follows:
  • The vehicle has to comply with the conditions of the license.
  • Joint Customs inspection form + license
  • Customs declaration + financial receipt
  • Technical examination form