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تصغير الخط
تصغير الخط
تصغير الخط
الوضع النهاري
الوضع النهاري
الوضع النهاري


Individuals services

Number Reservation Renewal Service Click here
Vehicle License Renewal Service Click here
Lost/Damaged Driver's License Replacement Service Click here
Lost/Damaged Vehicle's License Replacement Service Click here
Lost/Damaged Vehicle's Plate Replacement Service Click here
Historical Vehicle Status Inquiry Service Click here
Public Auction Service Click here
Distinguished Numbers Purchase Service Click here
Transferring a training permit from one center to another Click here
Issuance/Renewal Annual Driving Permit Service Click here
Vehicle Mortgage Click here
Vehicle Mortgage Release Click here
Request for information about ( driver's license, vehicle) Click here
Detained License Inquiry Click here
Vehicle License Translation Click here
Onsite Vehicle Technical Inspection Service Request Click here
Request for Vehicle cancellation for Technical Reasons or for Replacement with Hybrid Click here
Security Approvals Request Click here
Training Center Registration for the First Time Click here
Entry and termination of rental transactions Click here
Onsite Notary Public Services Click here
Vehicle ownership transfer request Click here
Power of Attorney Issuance request Click here
Same Owner License Plate Swapping Click here
Release of Detained Licenses for Non-Technical Violations Vehicles Click here