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تصغير الخط
تصغير الخط
تصغير الخط
الوضع النهاري
الوضع النهاري
الوضع النهاري


Theoretical Examination


Theoretical examination system is one of the main systems in the licensing department of drivers and vehicles. The idea of automating theoretical examination system came from the inspiration of applying justice and advancing the directions of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein in developing technology and to provide services to citizens that suit their needs and to meet all the requirements of society groups and the expectations of service recipients.

صورة لمواطنين يقومون بتقديم الفحص النظري

Advantages of the theoretical examination system

  1. Providing advanced computers with a touch screen.
  2. The theoretical examination system provides an advanced curriculum that includes both Arabic and English for theoretical training for driving license applicants for all categories.
  3. The theoretical examination also provides audio and video system services to enable illiterate driving license applicants to apply for the theoretical examination without the need for personal assistance during the examination.

In addition to,  providing a distinguished service by providing theoretical examination in the English language.