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دليل خدمات الإدارة

الصفحة الرئيسية » خدماتنا » دليل خدمات الإدارة » Renewal of a license for motorized bicycles (normal, sports, scooters, bicycles) regardless of their engine capacity


Renewal of a license for motorized bicycles (normal, sports, scooters, bicycles) regardless of their engine capacity

وصف الخدمة:

Renewal of the license for motorized bikes (normal) whose engine capacity does not exceed 250 cm

الفئة المستهدفة من الخدمة:
  • (Motorbike owners)
قنوات الخدمة:
  • All licensing sections in the Kingdom (except for the free license and the customs license and the license public.)
متطلبات الخدمة:
  • He holds a driving license from the first category) mechanism bike, or scooter (valid.
  • The owner of the bike has security approvals (intelligence, preventive security, criminal information)
الوثائق المطلوبة:
  • A civil status identity card or a valid passport for the authorized signatory and the driver in the company or institution
  • a commercial name registration certificate for private institutions and a profession license.
  • A commercial registration certificate
  • Bike ownership licence
  • The owner's ID and the owner's valid driver's license if it is registered in the name of a private person
إجراءات الخدمة:
  1. Submit an application to obtain the necessary security approvals at the department in which the transaction is to be completed.: 10 Days
  2. Presenting the bike to the technical committee to indicate its suitability and compliance with the technical conditions.: 5 Minutes
  3. Review of the civil defense representative to stamp the technical examination form: 1 Minutes
  4. Clearing the vehicle of the violations and in the absence of violations, the transaction can be completed without consulting the trustee’s representative (electronic link): 10 Minutes
  5. Review of insurance companies and vehicle insurance.: 10 Minutes
  6. Submit all the above documents to the concerned employee for audit purposes and to collect the prescribed fees and issuance of the license.: 5 Minutes
زمن الخدمة:
  • Except for the time taken by service partners: 9-15 Minutes
رسوم الخدمة:
  • Service fee: According to the applicable fee system No. 100 / 2015 Dinar
شركاء الخدمة:
  • Insurance companies: Issuance of a vehicle insurance contract
  • General Intelligence Department: Security audit and security approval
  • Criminal Information Department: Security audit and security approval
  • special branch: Security audit and security approval
  • Civil Defense: Ensure public safety tools (fire extinguisher + reflectors)
  • Amman Municipality: Checking for traffic violations
متوفرة إلكترونيًا:
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رابط الخدمة:
استمارة الخدمة:
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