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دليل خدمات الإدارة

الصفحة الرئيسية » خدماتنا » دليل خدمات الإدارة » Annual driver's permit renewal.


Annual driver’s permit renewal.

وصف الخدمة:

Renewing the annual driving permit for public passenger cars, vehicles transporting dangerous or explosive materials, and large and medium buses..

الفئة المستهدفة من الخدمة:
  • individuals
قنوات الخدمة:
  • All licensing departments in the Kingdom. (Except for the Free Zone Licensing Section and the Oman Customs Licensing Section)
  • Department of Public License
متطلبات الخدمة:
  • To be of Jordanian nationality.
  • To have a valid public driving license.
  • Be of good conduct.
  • To pass the annual medical examination.
  • To pay the fines resulting from the traffic violations he committed.
  • That a judgment has not been passed convicting him of committing a traffic accident that disables or harms a person for a period of no less than a month, or his death during the two years preceding the date of submitting the application.
  • He must not have committed three traffic violations stipulated in any of Paragraph (B) of Article (26), Article (29) and Paragraph (A) of Article (30) of the Traffic Law in force during the year preceding the date of submitting the application.
الوثائق المطلوبة:
  • Civil status ID or valid passport.
  • A recent colored personal photo on the front, measuring (4 x 6) (1 number).
  • driving license .
  • Expired driving permit.
إجراءات الخدمة:
  1. Refer to the public service office and obtain the service form: 1 Minutes
  2. The form, after filling it out with the documents, is delivered to the public service employee: 2 Minutes
  3. Refer to the doctor approved in the department (medical examination) to seal the transaction: 1 Minutes
  4. Ensure that there are no violations: 10 Minutes
  5. Review the felony information representative to obtain approval.: 10 Days
  6. Reviewing the concerned employee for the purposes of checking the transaction, paying the prescribed fees, and receiving the permit: 5 Minutes
زمن الخدمة:
  • excluding time at service partners: 10 Minutes
رسوم الخدمة:
  • Service fee: According to the applicable fee system Dinar
شركاء الخدمة:
  • Amman Municipality: Check restrictions and give security approval
  • Ministry of Health (doctor): Do a medical examination
  • Ministry of the Interior / Directorate of Traffic Safety: Checking violations and collecting fines for violations, if any
متوفرة إلكترونيًا:
غير متوفرة إلكترونيًا
رابط الخدمة:
استمارة الخدمة:
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