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دليل خدمات الإدارة

الصفحة الرئيسية » خدماتنا » دليل خدمات الإدارة » Renewal of temporary admission vehicle license (regional offices)


Renewal of temporary admission vehicle license (regional offices)

وصف الخدمة:

It is a transaction through which vehicles are given the legal right to walk on the roads or carry out the work assigned to them after ensuring their technical and legal validity according to the applicable laws, regulations and instructions.

الفئة المستهدفة من الخدمة:
  • Companies and Institutions
قنوات الخدمة:
  • All licensing departments in the Kingdom. (Except for the Free Zone Licensing Section and the Oman Customs Licensing Section)
متطلبات الخدمة:
  • The presence of the vehicle owner or the legal representative.
  • The absence of an executive or administrative reservation or a circular.
  • No reservation of license
  • Jordanian customs approval.
  • The approval of the Ministry of Interior. .
  • Approval of the Ministry of Industry and Trade
الوثائق المطلوبة:
  • Electronic vehicle insurance contract
  • Expired vehicle acquisition license
  • personal identification document for the owner of the vehicle
  • The owner's commercial registration certificate according to the website
  • Vehicle renewal form under temporary admission status stamped by the Ministry of Interior and Jordanian Customs.
إجراءات الخدمة:
  1. Get approval from Jordanian customs
  2. Presented the vehicle to the technical inspection committee, unless it is exempt
  3. Review of the civil defense representative to stamp the technical examination form
  4. The acquittal of violations, except for those who are exempt from violations
  5. Vehicle insurance The insurance contract is migrated electronically
  6. Fulfill the prescribed fees and issue a vehicle driving license
زمن الخدمة:
  • excluding the time taken by service delivery partners: 9-15 Minutes
رسوم الخدمة:
  • Service fee: According to the applicable fee system Dinar
شركاء الخدمة:
  • Amman Municipality: Issuing a list showing the violations on the vehicle, including the type and date of the violation, the financial amounts resulting from that, and making sure that the values are met and paid on the system, and then give an added value to the transaction by stamping it and according to the applicable laws, regulations and instructions
  • Insurance companies: Issuance of a new insurance contract for the vehicle, provided that the period of its license is covered and in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations and instructions.
  • government departments: Issuing a letter of approval to renew the vehicle according to the applicable laws, regulations and instructions.
  • Ministry of the Interior / Directorate of Traffic Safety: Provide the diplomatic corps with the approved form (the letter) from the relevant department (section .). Traffic safety (until it is signed and stamped by the concerned authorities
  • Jordan Customs.: Confirm the legality of the transaction, fix the vehicle number on the approved form, and install the fee-exemption stamp in the field designated for that
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade / Companies Control Department: Issuance of a commercial registration certificate and a commercial name registration certificate for the owner
متوفرة إلكترونيًا:
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رابط الخدمة:
استمارة الخدمة:
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