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دليل خدمات الإدارة

الصفحة الرئيسية » خدماتنا » دليل خدمات الإدارة » Transferring a trainer from a training center to another


Transferring a trainer from a training center to another

وصف الخدمة:

Transferring the trainer’s permit from a driver training center to another center

الفئة المستهدفة من الخدمة:
  • training centers
قنوات الخدمة:
  • Sections of Committees and Training Centers.
  • All licensing departments in the governorates (except for the Public, Customs and Free Licensing Department).
متطلبات الخدمة:
  • The vehicle must be within its operational life
  • The number of vehicles shall not be less than five vehicles at the selling center
الوثائق المطلوبة:
  • A summons submitted by the owners of the center wishing to sell the vehicle and a purchase summons from the owner of the buying center
  • Commercial register and trade name for the two centers
إجراءات الخدمة:
  1. Submission of an official letter to the Licensing Department by the owners of the two centers to transfer the ownership of the vehicle from one to the other.
  2. Receipt of a letter from the Centers Department approving the transfer of ownership
  3. Inspect the vehicle technically for the purpose of transferring ownership in the name of the new center to ensure the technical conditions and change the name of the center installed on the side print.
  4. Refer to the notary public to conduct a property transfer transaction between the two centers after stamping the violations and changing the insurance contract
  5. Refer the center employee to issue the validity card in the name of the new center duly
زمن الخدمة:
  • The time specified for obtaining the service: 30 Minutes
رسوم الخدمة:
  • Service fee: According to the fee system No. 100 for the year 2015 Dinar
شركاء الخدمة:
  • Amman Municipality: Checking violations
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade / Companies Control Department: commercial register and trade name
  • Insurance companies: Issuance of an insurance contract
متوفرة إلكترونيًا:
غير متوفرة إلكترونيًا
رابط الخدمة:
استمارة الخدمة:
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