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دليل خدمات الإدارة

الصفحة الرئيسية » خدماتنا » دليل خدمات الإدارة » Vehicle registration in the driving training capacity(Opening tourist car rental offices)


Vehicle registration in the driving training capacity(Opening tourist car rental offices)

وصف الخدمة:

It is a transaction through which vehicles are granted permission and the legal right to enter Jordan (Granting it number plates and ownership licenses in private capacity, and the ensuing rights and obligations) and to drive on the roads after confirming its technical and legal validity and entering its information, data and specifications on the vehicle database at the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations and instructions

الفئة المستهدفة من الخدمة:
  • Companies and Institutions
  • individuals
قنوات الخدمة:
  • Aqaba Licensing Section (tourist vehicles belonging to the Aqaba Regional Authority).
  • department Center / Marka (Drivers Section)
متطلبات الخدمة:
  • The presence of the person concerned or the legally authorized person.
  • Approval from the Land Transport Authority regarding the application submitted to open a new office.
  • Security approval of the office owner according to the commercial register
  • Security approvals.
  • All vehicles are registered at once, which includes the registration of 30 vehicles, provided that the model of the vehicle to be registered is from the same year of registration, the year before it, or the year following it.
الوثائق المطلوبة:
  • Vehicle customs declaration document.
  • Joint Inspection Form (Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department and Jordanian Customs).
  • The technical examination form signed and stamped by the Licensing Committee and stamped by the civil defense representative electronically
  • A commercial registration certificate and a commercial name registration certificate (if any) if the vehicle owner is a legal person
  • A personal identification document of the owner or the legally authorized person
  • Financial receipt for parking fees (12) JDs from the Amman Municipality.
  • A financial receipt from the Land Transport Regulatory Authority & paying the fees for using a tourist number.
  • An insurance contract from an insurance company
  • The age of the vehicle to be operated must be from the model year of operation or the year before or after it.
  • Payment of public number fees
إجراءات الخدمة:
  1. Vehicle inspection by the Technical Inspection Committee
  2. Stamping the technical examination form from the civil defense representative
  3. Vehicle insurance The insurance contract is transferred electronically
  4. Checking the required documents, entering data, paying fees, issuing the license and issuing a plate issuance letter.
  5. Receipt of the plate from the numbers factory
زمن الخدمة:
  • Time limit for access to service: 9-15 Minutes
رسوم الخدمة:
  • Service fee: According to the applicable fee system Dinar
شركاء الخدمة:
  • Jordan Customs.: Issuing the customs declaration document after inspecting the vehicle technically (in partnership with the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department) and issuing a financial receipt after collecting the calculated customs duties
  • Insurance companies: Issuance of an insurance contract for the vehicle, provided that the period of its license is covered
  • Civil Defense: Ensure public safety tools (fire extinguisher + reflectors)
  • Amman Municipality/ Aqaba Economic Zone Commission: collection of parking fees , a fee for using a tourist number and Issue a financial receipt in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations and instructions.
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade / Companies Control Department: Issuance of a commercial registration certificate and a commercial name registration certificate
  • Public Transport Regulatory Authority: Issuing a letter approving the opening of an office as a tourist car rental
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استمارة الخدمة:
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